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Your Nextdoor OT empowers children to build body awareness, cognitive flexibility, and self-regulation skills. We specialize in supporting neurodivergent youth, including Autism (ASD), Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD), and other developmental conditions with their sensory and learning challenges.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a healthcare profession that focuses on promoting independence in daily activities of everyday life. Children’s occupations include: eating, toileting, dressing, playing, socializing, learning, etc. These are essential to a child’s development and ensure they become independent adults in the future.

Play and Social Skills

Play and socialization foster children’s learning. Occupational therapy encourage peer interactions, honing skills like initiation, sharing, and turn-taking. 

Gross Motor Skills

 Occupational therapists can help improve muscle strength, balance, coordination, and confidence in children while learning new motor skills. 

Fine Motor Skills

Refined hand dexterity is essential for daily functions like dressing, eating,  and writing. If your child faces difficulties with these skills, we’re here to assist!

Sensory Processing

Is your child sensitive to touch or sound, restless, or apprehensive about playground activities? We specialize in sensory processing and can assist in managing your child’s unique sensory needs.

Self-care Skills

Is your child struggling with self-care tasks? Do they find sleeping challenging? We can assess their skills and devise strategies to enhance their independence and success.

Feeding Skills

Does your child exhibit selective eating habits? Do they have a restricted diet and appear to be sensitive to specific food aromas, flavors, hues, or consistencies? We are here to provide assistance!

Our Area of Focus


Long-lasting tantrums

Difficulty with transitions

Perfectionism, shame and anger

Self-injurious behaviours

Mood swings


Withdrawing from conversations with others

Sharing information inappropriately

Not recognizing others’ emotions

Difficulty in expressing themselves


Difficulty trying new foods

Interest in or sensitivity to sounds, lights, various textures

Have poor balance or seem clumsy

Seek movement and/or touch constantly

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What sets us apart as your therapy solution?

Everyone’s learning needs are unique and important. What exactly do we do in occupational therapy?

Dana Parent

I'm delighted to have Bengisu as my son's occupational therapist. Her expertise and caring nature make her an ideal choice for working with children. Simon enjoys his sessions with Bengisu, and their connection goes beyond therapy. Bengisu not only offers clinical support but also provides valuable strategies, making me a more confident parent to a child with ASD.


Among many providers, Bengisu Gonul, an Occupational Therapist, stood out. She did more than prescribe exercises for my son's Sensory processing differences – she became an advocate and ally in improving our lives.

John B parent

Bengisu Gonul has been an exceptional therapist for our daughter, facilitating improvements in flexibility, play skills, fine motor abilities, and sensory issues through her kind and effective approach. We're fortunate to have her as a vital part of our daughter's education program.

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